Frequently asked questions

We've answered some of your most common questions below. If you can't find the answer to what you are looking for, please email


What is Stewarding/Volunteering

A team of voluntary staff to help make the site run safely, securely and smoothly and provide the audience with an excellent festival experience. Stewarding is the most common way to volunteer, and can involve working in areas such as customer service, controlling access and being the eyes and ears of the festival organisers. Volunteers are not used instead of security staff, at most festivals volunteers will be working alongside trained SIA accredited security personnel


How do I apply to volunteer at a festival?

Click on the festival you are applying to and fill in the form. Each festival has its own and you will need to fill one in for each festival you are applying for.


Can I apply for more than one person on an application?

No, each applicant must fill in their own form.


How many hours will I have to work?

As a general rule on a 3-day festival, one shift per day (morning, afternoon, evening) and approx. 5 hours per shift


Is it possible to work before or after the festival?

Yes, some festivals require help setting up or taking down. These roles are limited, and some require a specific skill set e.g. manual handling, admin skills etc.


New to volunteering

We love new volunteers. There are many areas for new volunteers all with briefings to help you.  Team Leaders and/or Managers who will be there to assist you throughout your shifts.


Can individuals apply?

Yes. Wicked stewards are a very friendly inclusive team and always welcome new members with open arms.


Will there be any training?

Briefings will be given before the start of your first shift and cover general site-specific issues such as H&S and emergency procedures as well as area/venue specific requirements.


When can I arrive on site?

In most cases you can arrive on site the day before you are due to start your first shift.


Will I be able to camp?

Most festival have campsites and allow free access to volunteers.  You will need to bring your own tent and camping equipment.


Will I have to bring my own food?

Meals are not provided at the majority of festivals however, some provide a ‘soup kitchen’ with hot and cold drinks and light refreshments.

NB There will be a nominal fee for the use the facilities.


What do I need to bring with me?

Whatever you need for the duration of the festival such as tent and camping equipment, food and appropriate clothing for all weather conditions.


Is there a dress code?

The is no dress code but appropriate clothing and shoes (not sandles) should be worn while on duty. You will be issued with  Hi-Viz vest while on duty.

Clothing should be suitable for all weather conditions when on shift.


Can I work with my friends?

Yes, in most cases but you need to give full names of friends you are wanting to work with on your application. We are not mind readers!


What if I can’t come any more?

Please let us know!!! If you don’t let us know, it impacts on everyone else as we will then be short of volunteers.


What are the benefits of stewarding?

Meet and work with interesting like-minded people, support the festival, gain free access to the festival and campsite, learn new skills, share existing skills, improve your CV, discover new performers, hear fabulous music, experience wonderful artists and be part of an amazing team.


Is there a Facebook page?

Wicked Events have a Facebook page and we also have a Facebook group for most of the festivals. If the festival you apply for has a Facebook group, you will receive a link in the confirmation email after applying to volunteer.


Can I bring my dog/pet with me?

No, pets are not allowed on site (other than Assistance dogs)


Can I bring my children with me?

Yes, however, tickets will need to be purchased if they are of an age that the festival requires payment for them. Even if they are under the payment age, they will still have to be accounted for on site so regardless of age they have to have a ticket even if it is a free one. You will not be allowed to have your child with you while on shift.

NB in some cases/festivals we can offer a ‘shared volunteer role’ to help with your child care. Please contact us directly for more information.


What’s Involved?

Roles include wristband checking, campsite patrols, crowd control, merchandise, programme sales, car parking, artist liaison, tech support, site décor, venue management, recycling, gates, box office assistance, accessibility platforms….and many more. Everything explained to you at briefings before you start your first shift.


Will I get paid?

No, all roles are on a voluntary basis


Will I get expenses?

No, all expenses, including travel to and from site, is your responsibility


Who are Wicked Events?

Wicked Events are an event management company who specialise in the recruitment and management of volunteers. WE have been operating since 2000 have worked with many festivals and events across the country during this time.


Why do festivals use volunteers?

To lower their budget - but more importantly, volunteers want to be there, want to support the festival and want to enjoy the experience.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

End Of The Road festival and Port Eliot festival require a deposit. Please see these festivals application forms for how the deposit system works.


Do I need a reference?

No unless you are working in specific areas where a reference is required and/or where we require a DBS check


Who can volunteer?

18 years or over on the first day of their chosen festival.


Can I volunteer if I have limited mobility and/or use a wheelchair?

Yes, however please bear in mind that many festival sites are greenfield/exposed to the elements therefore may not be suitable for mobility issues. The Wicked Events team have a thorough understanding of the festival sites so please email to discuss suitability.


Can I bring a Carer?

Yes, please contact us to discuss.


I have a criminal record, can I still volunteer?

It will depend on the nature of the offence. If you let us know on the application form that you have a criminal record, we will send you an additional form find out more details before a decision can be made.


I’m traveling to the UK, do I need a visa to volunteer?

Yes in most cases if you are not an EU citizen. Please see to check if you will require a visa.


Can a Group volunteer?

Yes, you and friends/family members can apply as a group, but please be aware that we will not always be able to place large groups in the same area/time.


Are there paid positions?

No, all positions are voluntary.


When do I need to leave site ?

Unless you are working on a post festival team, you will be required to leave site at the same time as the general public.


I am only available for one/two days, can I still volunteer?

Yes if there are areas still to be filled, however, priority will be given to those who are available for the duration of the festival.


Is there a dedicated staff campsite?

Not all festivals have a dedicated area, but many do. Please contact us to inquire about specific festivals


Can friends/customers camp with me?

You can camp with fiends once the customer campsite has opened but customers are not allowed into specified crew campsites unless previous permission has been given.


I have friends attending as paying customers. Can I camp in customer campsites?

Yes, once the customer campsite has opened to customers.


Do I need any Qualifications and experience?

No you do not need any qualifications or experience and training is provided by Wicked Events Managers. Team Leaders will be on hand to answer any questions and provide support you might need during your shift.


Are electrical hook ups provided for volunteers?



I have a medical condition, can I still volunteer?

Please contact Wicked Events directly to discuss festival suitability.


I have sleep apnoea, can I charge my equipment?

Yes. There will be power available in the Volunteers Office for the charging of mobility vehicles and/or medical equipment.


Will there be storage for personal medication?

No, you will be responsible for all your own possessions, including personal medication.


Can I bring my campervan/live in vehicle?

Yes, to most festivals (Riverside can only accommodate very small campervans and caravans)


Can I put up my awning?

Space permitting.


What is involved being a Team Leader?

A Team Leader takes on the responsibility for making sure the volunteers working in their area are signed in on arrival to their shifts, in place and checked up on regularly. Answer any questions they may have and report back to the office of any problems or issues. The TL is usually the assigned radio holder.


Can I swap my shifts?

Where possible we are happy for you to swap shifts with other volunteers unless it involves working back to back shifts (you need to have breaks) and it has been agreed by one of the Wicked Event Managers.


I am pregnant, can I still volunteer?

Yes however, please inform us when you apply or as soon as you find out so we can place you in an appropriate area and carry out a risk assessment.


Why do I need to upload a photo?

We need to have a way to identify you in case of an emergency and so we can recognise you are the actual applicant.


Do I need to bring my own Hi-Visibility clothing?

No, Wicked Events or the festival will provide Hi-Viz jackets for volunteers to wear while on duty.


I can’t upload my photo

Check the size – it must be under 20MB, Select the photo from your own documents, press open, and then it should upload. It may take a few seconds but will be uploaded by the time you have finished filling in the application – please note, you will not see your photo appear on the application form.