Welcome to Wicked Stewarding

You can now apply to join the Wicked Team as a festival volunteer for the 2021 season. As usual, there are lots of fantastic festivals to choose from, so register today to join us this season.

Getting started

You will need to register and create a profile with Wicked Events before you can apply to the festival/s you wish to volunteer at.

Please note each person must have their own unique email address.

From time to time the website will send you a confirmation, please ensure that stewarding@wickedstewarding.co.uk is listed as safe in your email software to prevent it from ending up in spam, or at least check you spam mail if you are expecting an email and haven't received it yet.

Create Profile

Once you have registered, you will need to create a profile before you can apply to volunteer at a festival. The profile section asks for your contact details so we can get in touch, emergency contact name and number and any welfare or medical issues that you feel we need to know about.

Start Applying

Once registered and a profile created, you may start to apply to volunteer at festivals.