Frequently asked questions

We've answered some of your most common questions below. If you can't find the answer to what you are looking for, please email


Q. What does volunteering entail?

A. There are many areas that volunteers can help support a festival or event such as helping in wristband exchange, Box office, venues, merchandise, artist liaison, set up/break down, waste/recycling, controlling access and emergency routes, arrivals/departures, helping with camping areas and communicating with customers and staff alike. In short, it is to help to make the festival site run safe and smooth and ensure everyone has a great experience.


Q. Do I need any qualifications?

A. No, for most roles you do not need any qualifications. Training for the area/s you will be working in will be given before you start your first shift by Wicked or Venue Managers. During your shift there will be Team Leaders to help support you should any issues arise that you need help with.


Q. Will there be any training?

A. Yes, general guidelines of the do’s and don’t will be listed on the web site and be in hard copy in the volunteer office. Briefings will be given before you start your first shift and cover general site-specific issues such as H&S and emergency procedures as well as area/venue specific requirements.


Q. What is involved being a Team Leader?

A. A Team Leader takes on the responsibility for making sure the volunteers working in their area are signed in at the beginning of each shift, are in the right place and that they are checked up on regularly. Answer any questions they may have and report back to the office of any problems or issues that arise. The TL is usually the radio holder.


Q. Can I apply for more than one person on an application

A. No, each applicant must fill in their own form.


Q. Can I apply for more than one festival on a single application form?

A. No, each festival will require a separate application form.


Q. Can I work with my friends?

A. Yes in most cases but you will need to give the full names of the people who you wish to work with on your application. (‘my sister’ or ‘my mates’ is not a full name!!)


Q. Can I bring my dog/pet with me?

A. No, pets are not allowed (other than assistance dogs)


Q. Can I bring my child/children with me?

A. Not if you are the sole carer for an underage child/youth 17 or under, as you cannot be on shift if you are also the responsible adult looking after that person. If there is more than one responsible adult in your group, then yes as we can arrange shifts not to clash so both adults can volunteer at different times so one is always available to care for the child/ren. NB Tickets will have to be bought for all children if they are of an age that the festivals require payment for them. Even if they are under the paying age, they must still have a ticket and be accounted for.


Q. Can I swap my shifts?

A. Where possible we are happy for you to swap shifts with other volunteers unless it involves working back to back shifts (you need to have a break in between) and it must be agreed by one of the Wicked Events Managers.


Q. How many hours will I have to volunteer for?

A. As a general rule on a 3-day festival, you will be asked to volunteer for 3 x 5 hour shifts (a morning, afternoon and evening). This does vary so make sure you read the festival specific information on the festivals webpage and/or the application form.


Q. Why do I need to upload a photo?

A. We need to be able to identify you in the case of an emergency and to confirm you are who you say you are on arrival.


Q. Is it possible to work before or after the festival?

A. Yes however these roles are limited and require specific skills e.g. manual handling, admin etc. and usually require longer work days i.e. 8 hours per day.


Q. When can I arrive on Site?

A. In most cases you can arrive on site the day before you are due to start your first shift.


Q. Are meals provided?

A. Meals are not provided at the majority of festivals however, at some we provide a ‘soup kitchen’ with hot and cold drinks and light refreshments including toast spreads jams, beans, soup, rolls, biscuits etc. NB There will be a nominal fee for the use of these facilities.


Q. What do I need to bring with me?

A. You will need to bring everything you may need for the duration of the festival including camping equipment, food, money, appropriate clothing for all weather conditions. NB Don’t forget any prescribed medications you may need.


Q. Is there a dress code?

A. No, but we would ask that you are clean and presentable with appropriate clothing and shoes (not sandals) when on duty. For most roles you will be issued with a Hi Viz vest for while you are on duty. NB remember to take suitable clothing for all weather conditions whilst on duty.


Q. Will I get paid/expenses?

A. No, all roles are on a voluntary basis. All expenses including travel to and from the site are your responsibility.


Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A. Most of the festivals we recruit for do not require a deposit however, one or two do, so please check each application which will tell you if a deposit is required for that festival or not.


Q. Do I need a reference?

A. No unless you are working in specific areas where a reference is required and/or where a DBS check is required.


Q. Cancellation?

A. If you can no longer volunteer PLEASE inform us. Each volunteer will have been allocated a role which will need to be covered by another person if you can no longer make it.


Q. Can I volunteer if I have a disability/mobility issue

A. Yes however many festival sites are greenfield and can be very challenging for wheelchairs and people with mobility issues. Very often the staff campsites are quite a distance from where the volunteers will be working. Please contact us to discuss suitability and were ever possible we will try to accommodate your needs.


Q. Can I bring a Carer?

A. Yes, please contact us to discuss.


Q. Will there be storage for personal medication?

A. No, you will be responsible for all your own possessions including personal medication.


Q. I have  a sleep apnoea machne, are there facilities to charge it?

A. Yes medical devices including electric wheelchairs can be charged up in the volunteer office or welfare tent.


Q. I am pregnant, can I still volunteer?

A. Yes, however please inform us when you apply or as soon as you know so we can place you in an appropriate area and carry out a risk assessment.


Q. I have a criminal record, can I still volunteer

A. It will depend on the nature of the offence. If you let us know on the application form, we will send you an additional form to gather more details before a decision can be made.


Q. I am traveling to the UK/not a UK citizen, do I need a visa to volunteer?

A. In most cases yes, please check to see if you require a visa.


Q. I am only available for one/two days, can I still volunteer?

A. Possibly, it depends which festival you are applying to. In most cases the minimum requirement is 3 shifts, which could work out over two days, however this would give you less free time to enjoy the event when not working. If you have limited availability it is always best to send us an email to find out if this would be suitable.


Q. Is there a charge for camping?

A. No there will be no charge for volunteers who wish to camp however, you will need to bring all your own camping equipment.


Q. Is there a dedicated staff campsite?

A. Some festivals do have a dedicated staff area/campsite. Please contact us to inquire about specific festivals.


Q. Can friends/customers camp with me in staff/crew campsites?

A. Once campsites have opened then volunteers are allowed to camp with their friends in the customer campsites. However, customers/friends are NOT allowed to camp in staff/crew campsites with volunteers unless permission has been given from the Festival/Wicked Managers.


Q. Can I bring my caravan/campervan/live in vehicle?

A. Yes at the vast majority of festivals. (Riverside can only accommodate very small campervans/caravans). Only one person needs to inform us if more than one person will be staying in it so we know the total number of vans to expect. NB there will be no electric hook ups for caravans/campervans/live in vehicles.


Q. Can I put an awning up?

A. Space permitting.