The Sidmouth Folk Festival

Sidmouth, Devon

30th July – 6th August 2021

A message from the festival organisers:

We are all hopeful that the vaccine rollout will mean that we can start to genuinely look forward to the summer festival season. We are all missing music and friends and our wonderful Sidmouth community so much.We are well aware that, in the light of the ongoing uncertainties, we will need to remain flexible in terms of what this year’s festival might look like, in order to keep in line with any guidance for public safety that may still be in place. Thanks to everyone who has responded to our survey which was designed to explore how our audience, participants and volunteers are feeling about this year’s event. We are reviewing these responses and also trying to anticipate what shape the festival will be able to take this year and what restrictions might still be in place.We would like to run a full, normal programme and welcome back our much valued volunteers but can’t yet be sure which venues and events will be viable and how many volunteers will be needed. With that in mind we are inviting our volunteers to sign up but with the understanding that we are not yet in a position to answer questions about venues, teams and festival facilities and that we may not be able to accept all volunteers or place everyone in their preferred roles. Thanks for your much valued support. We will be in touch again soon.”

Volunteer application form now open

We are now accepting applications for this event. This is to get an initial idea on interest and how we can plan to go forward this summer. Unfortunately for the time being, until we know which venues will be running and what volunteer requirements will be, we cannot confirm any places. We’ll be working closely with the festival organisers and as and when we can confirm anything, we will be in touch.

To help the organisers with planning for the 2021 festival, it would be really useful if you can take the time to complete their survey. Your responses will provide the organisers with practical, actionable detail enabling the festival to return as soon as possible and as safely as possible. Complete the survey here.

In return for volunteering you will get:

Free access to the festival

Free parking/camping (own equipment required)

Wicked Stewarding

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