We are on the lookout for friendly and enthusiastic people to join the volunteer stewarding team at some amazing festivals this summer

Festival volunteering is a great way to get involved with your favourite events. There are many roles available, from directing traffic and greeting guests to helping at venues and information points. Most events will involve helping for approx. 5-6hrs per day. Please see each festivals information page for a full description of what will be involved. In return for volunteering you will receive access to the festival, including free camping/live-in vehicle pass and/or parking where applicable. And also gain early access, meaning you get to arrive before the customers and avoid the rush.

Step 1 - Create a profile

Before applying to join any festivals as a volunteer, you will need to create a 2024 volunteering profile. If you have already completed a profile you can now apply to festivals, see step 2!

Step 2 - Apply to festivals

Applications are now open to volunteer at the following festivals this summer.

Wychwood Festival

31st May - 2nd June

Cambridge Club Festival

6th - 9th June

Timber Festival

5th - 7th July

Vegan Campout

26th - 29th July

Truck Festival

26th - 28th July

Valley Fest

1st - 4th August

The Sidmouth Folk Festival

2nd - 9th August


7th - 11th August

Big Feastival

23rd - 25th August

End of the Road Festival

29th August - 1st September

Step 3 - Pay deposit

For 2024 a deposit payment will be required to volunteer at all festivals (excluding Sidmouth). If you are planning to attend more than one festival as a volunteer with Wicked Events, only one deposit payment is required for the season. Once you have completed shifts on your last festival of the season, you will be issued a refund.

If you apply to a festival which requires a deposit payment, you will be redirected to the deposit payment page once you submit your application form.

Deposit amounts for 2024:

£200 - If you are new to volunteering with Wicked Events or have not attended a festival within the last two years.

£75 - For anyone who has successfully completed shifts at one or more festivals with Wicked Events in the last two years.

All deposits in 2024 will be subject to a non-returnable admin fee of £7.50.

For full deposit terms including cancellation policy please follow the link below.

Vegan Campout Festival is limited to £75 deposit (unless you are also attending another festival which requires the full deposit amount).

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