Terms of engagement policy document

Unpaid Volunteers – Terms of Engagement for Wicked Events
















Unless expressly stated otherwise the

following definitions shall apply to the terms used in Unpaid Volunteers –

Terms of Engagement for Wicked Events.

a) The company responsible for the

recruitment and management of Volunteers is “Wicked Events” and shall be

referred to as such within this document.

b) All unpaid volunteers recruited by

Wicked Events shall herein after be referred to as “Volunteer”.

c) Festivals and Events that employ

Wicked Events shall hereinafter be referred to as “The Organisers”.

d) All data will be processed online

via the Wicked Events Stewarding website hereinafter referred to as “Wicked


e) All professional bodies such as,

but not limited to, Police, Security, Fire Officers, Environmental Health

Officers, Volunteer Managers shall hereinafter be referred to as “Officials”.

f) All Volunteers must complete a

unique profile each year which will contain personal information. Which shall

herein after be referred to as “Profile”.

g) All Volunteers must complete a

unique application form for each festival they wish to attend which will

contain relevant personal information. Which shall herein after be referred to

as “Application”.




a) If Volunteers have any queries

regarding the Wicked Events Terms and Conditions, they are advised to contact

Wicked Events by email before submitting their application and paying their

deposit (if required).

b) By completing and submitting an

application Volunteers agree to abide by the Wicked Events Volunteer Stewarding

Terms and Conditions.

c) Applications are specific to each

event and cannot be transferred between events.



a) Volunteers must be aged 18 years

or older on or before their first shift at the designated event.

b) Volunteers must be prepared to

work the hours agreed between themselves and Wicked Events/organisers over the

duration of the festival in exchange for free access to the festival and


c) Volunteers will be required to

work a set number of hours in accordance with shift definitions outlined in

each individual festival application form.

d) Volunteers will be expected to be

vigilant and health & safety conscious at all times whilst on duty.

e) Volunteers will be responsible for

bringing their own camping equipment and making their own travel arrangements

to and from the festival site.

f) Volunteers must co-operate fully

with Wicked Events, Organisers and Officials.

g) Due to insurance and Health and

Safety considerations, we are unable to accept anyone needing to keep their

children or animals with them whilst working (except assistance dogs).

h) Volunteers must not be under the

influence of alcohol, drugs and/or any other intoxicating substance on duty.

i) Volunteers will be trained and/or

supervised in the areas they are asked to work in.

j) Volunteers will be given the

appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in accordance with CDM

Regulations that came into effect 06/04/2015, for the area they are working in

e.g. fluorescent Hi Viz Vest, ear protection, torches, radios etc.

k) At arrival on site of event/s

applied for (and only those applied for) all Volunteers must sign in at the

Volunteers’ Office by the event specific sign in time and date, as specified by

correspondence via email between Wicked Events and the Volunteer.



a) By completing and submitting a Profile

Volunteer Stewards agree that all details provided will be held on Wicked

Events’ database for a maximum of 36 months from the date of submitting their Profile

form, or until the Volunteer Steward requests removal of their data.

b) By completing and submitting an Application,

Volunteer Stewards agree that any photographs, video and/or sound recordings

taken of them may be used by Wicked Events and the festival they are working

at, for any promotional purposes.

c) Data collected by Wicked Events

will be shared with the festival the volunteer has applied for and other third

parties who are working on behalf of, or directly with, Wicked

Events. Data will not be passed on to any other outside parties.

d) To unsubscribe from Wicked Events’

database, Volunteer Stewards should e-mail Wicked Events requesting to be

removed from the database.

e) By completing and submitting an

application, Volunteer Stewards agree that their personal details may be passed

to the Police to allow a Police National Computer (PNC) check and/or the

Disclosure and Barring Service to allow either a standard DBS or enhanced DBS

with barred lists check to be performed.

f) All data held by Wicked Events is

primarily stored on a Microsoft Azure Database, which is hosted within the EEA

(European Economic Area). Local copies of this data may also be held on data

storage devices owned by the Wicked Events Management Team. Specific printed

variants of this data, such as rotas, shifts etc., will be produced and used on

site at the festival; these will not be retained.

g) Wicked Events also use the

following third-party services in order to process the Volunteer data. All of

which are compliant with GDPR regulations and store this data securely. Wufoo,

Stripe Payments Europe Ltd., Campaign Monitor, OneDrive, Dropbox, icloud, ionos




Wicked Events Deposit Terms 2024

1) A deposit payment may be required to volunteer as a steward with Wicked Events.

2) Paying a deposit secures your volunteering position at an event.

3) A Volunteers deposit will not be refunded if the Volunteers behaviour or performance is deemed unsatisfactory. This includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

a. Not completing all shifts or duties allocated

b. Missing onsite briefing/s

c. Not signing in onsite

d. Breaching the Wicked Events’ Terms & Conditions

e. Acting in any manner constituting misconduct as defined in the Wicked Events – Definitions of Misconduct (see section 10 of the terms of engagement policy).

f. Causing damage and/or misusing any piece of issued equipment whilst in your use/possession e.g. radios, Hi-Vis clothing, torches, vehicles etc.

4) If, following application via Wicked Stewarding and after paying a deposit (where required) you are allocated a position and you are unable to attend for any reason, you must cancel in writing by emailing accounts@wickedevents.co.uk. deposits for cancellations made within 4 weeks of the festival start date will only be returned if an original valid medical letter is also posted to Wicked Events.

5) Volunteer deposit payments will be processed via the Stripe payment service. Stripe holds all financial information securely and no member of the Wicked Events Team is able to see any sensitive financial information such as account number, card number etc.

6) The volunteering deposit will be £200 for 2024 with a reduced deposit option of £75 payable if you have volunteered and completed shifts with Wicked Events within the last 2 years.

7) A deposit payment is not required until you have been offered a place on the team. Once you have been offered a place, you will have 7 days in which to pay your deposit and secure your place on the team.

8) If you do not pay the volunteering deposit within the 7 day period, your place will be offered to another person.

9) If you are volunteering at multiple festivals, your deposit will be held until you have completed shifts on your last event of the year.

10) There will be a nonreturnable admin charge of £7.50 per person per year.

11) Cancellation: Should you no longer be able to attend a festival you should let us know as soon as possible. All applicants will be allowed a 7 day cooling off period (unless you apply within the 7 days prior to the festival start date).

Cancellations received within 7 days of the deposit payment, will receive a full deposit refund (minus admin fee).

Cancellations received between 7 days of the initial deposit payment and up to 30 days before the advertised festival start date will receive a refund of the deposit amount paid minus admin fee and £30 cancellation fee.

Cancellations made within 30 days of the advertised festival start date or failure to inform Wicked Events, before the festival commences, that you cannot attend will forfeit your entire deposit amount.

12) For late applications within 7 days of the advertised festival start date, the cooling off period does not apply and you will forfeit your entire deposit if you do not attend the event.

13) If using a deposit payment to secure multiple festival volunteering places and cancellation occurs. Wicked Events reserve the right to cancel any future volunteering placements and/or request a further deposit payment be made in reflection to any cancellation fees already having been subtracted.

14) Deposit refunds: Once you have completed all shifts on your final festival of the season, your deposit refund will be processed. The transaction will appear back in the account it was initially paid from within 10-14 working days of the refund being processed.


a) In the event of the performance of

a Volunteer being deemed to be unsatisfactory by Wicked Events and a deposit

being withheld, if applicable, there is a right to appeal. Any appeal should be

made in writing via email to Wicked Events within 14 days of the end of the

relevant festival.

b) Wicked Events’ management will

assess the appeal and if deemed necessary, do so in conjunction with the

specific festival/s management, Site Security and/or other relevant personnel.

c) Wicked Events reserves the sole

right to determine what an appropriate reason for cancellation is.

d) Volunteers are responsible for

providing a valid postal address, telephone number and email address and

Volunteer must promptly notify Wicked Events of any changes to their postal

address, telephone number and email address.

e) All Volunteers must be prepared to

undergo a Police National Computers (PNC) check and/or a Disclosure and Barring

Service (DBS) check. This is to safeguard all Volunteer, Organisers, Officials

and Wicked Events.

f) Volunteers who have not

successfully gained a position due to failing a PNC and/or DBS check or being

oversubscribed will receive their deposit except in the circumstances explained




a) All Wicked Events Volunteers must

camp within the crew area specified (if applicable) in accordance with each

particular festival’s instructions, unless written agreement has been given by

the Event Manager prior to the event.

b) All Wicked Events’ Volunteers will

be issued with an appropriate wristband and/or ID badge. By completing and

submitting an application they are agreeing that they will wear and display,

whether on request or not, their wristband and/or ID badge at all times during

the festival and their ID Badge when on duty only. They will be able to access

those areas relevant to the position and responsibilities allocated. When not

on duty they will only be able to access and participate in the event’s public

activities under the Terms and Conditions of the Licence.



Under no circumstances shall any

Volunteers divulge confidential information, either verbal or written, whether

factual or implied, regarding any aspect of the festival, whether it be in

regard to clients, customers, Volunteers, officials, sub-contractors etc



a) Any actions constituting

misconduct as defined in the Wicked Events – Definitions of Misconduct (see

Section 10) will result in the immediate ejection of Volunteers involved from

site and they will cease to be accepted as a Volunteer in any future festivals

or events that Wicked Events are employed to manage.

b) Wicked Events also reserves the

right to withhold a Volunteers deposit as a result of the above.




(1) Failure to comply with Wicked

Events’ Terms and Conditions; Policies and Procedures; Instructions; and

instructions of Wicked Events’ clients.

(2) Neglecting to complete a required

task/s promptly and diligently, without sufficient cause.

(3) Leaving a position without

permission and/or without sufficient cause.

(4) Making or signing any false

statements, of any description.

(5) Destroying, removing, altering or

erasing documents, records or electronic data without permission or through


(6) Divulging matters confidential to

Wicked Events and/or its clients, either past or present, without written

authorisation or permission. Neither shall any Volunteer make statements to the

press/media or any other form of media, including social media such as X, Instagram,

Facebook etc. regarding artists and/or any part of the festival.

(7) Soliciting or receiving of gratuities

or other consideration from any person, or failure to account for keys, money

or property received in connection with the business of Wicked Events or Wicked

Events clients.

(8) Incivility to persons encountered

in the course of duties or misuse of authority in connection with the business

of Wicked Events or Wicked Events’ clients.

(9) Conduct in a manner likely to

bring discredit to Wicked Events, a fellow Volunteer, Wicked Events’ clients,

or Wicked Events’ client’s customers.

(10) Reporting for duty under the

influence of alcohol or restricted drugs, or use of these whilst on duty.

(11) Failure to notify Wicked Events

immediately of any:

a) Conviction for a criminal and/or

motoring offence.

b) A charge for any offence that may

affect your work with Wicked Events.

c) Police caution or legal summons

that may affect your work with Wicked Events.

(12) Permitting unauthorised access

to premises, event site or place of work.

(13) Possession of any item that

could be used as an offensive weapon.

(14) Bringing pets or other animals

on site, unless specifically authorised in writing prior to the festival by

Wicked Events.

(15) Not maintaining appropriate

standards of appearance, not wearing identification passes/ID badges when on

duty, not using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) where appropriate e.g.

high-visibility jackets/vests, or ear plugs (which are to be worn in accordance

with the manufacturer’s instructions).

(16) Not maintaining high levels of

courtesy and deportment.

(17) Failing to comply when off duty

with any of the requirements that would apply to a customer who has purchased a


(18) Aiding and abetting of others in

any of the above activities.


By completing and submitting an

application you are agreeing that if your performance is deemed less than

satisfactory by Wicked Events, you will be prohibited from taking up any

further position with Wicked Events. Wicked Events reserves the rights to share

this information with its customer(s) – i.e. The Festival Organiser(s).


Reviewed and effective as of 25/10/2023

Reviewed by: Susan J Torres

Position: Director (Wicked Events)

Next Review due 25/10/2024

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